Our restaurant menu

Our winter menus

Snowball - 17.50
(Any change in this menu
incurs an additional charge of 5€)

"Croque-Cake", Flamenkuche style
Beef stew
Banana / White Chocolate Crumble

Mist - 29.50  

Crab ravioli, candied lemon brunoise and Jerusalem artichoke, black breadstress
Mango sorbet
Salmon with spices and citrus, creamy semolina
"Like a chestnut torch" ...
But in a glass!

Vegetarian menu - 27.50 euros
Gourmet salad "Winter version"
with white munster and Moricette croutons
Blood orange sorbet
Carrot Späetzles "risotto style", cumin crumble
"Snow Egg", passion fruit coulis

Flakes - 32

Game crust, variation around cabbage
Small casserole dish of späetzles with snails, parsley and tome of Ribeaupierre
Mulled wine granita
Pork tenderloin and white pudding millefeuille, onion jam
Duck breast coated with soy and four spices,
sweet potato puree

Profiterole, orange cream, chocolate sauce with Espelette pepper
Lost brioche cake, apples and whiskey from Alsace,
(With 4 glasses of wine (10cl) - 63 €)

Smoked trout, warm fish-smoked sauce
Fig profiterole with duck liver mousse
Star anise granita
Quail fillets, pumpkin chutney
Crispy goat cheese, apple, honey
Gourmet plate

This menu served for the entire table only
and without any possible modification
Menu of the day 12.50 €
served for lunch only Monday to Friday
Our slate with the classics:
every day except Sunday noon
Entrances at 9.50 euros
Plate of raw ham, raw vegetables
Munster puff pastry in the oven
1/2 dz. Alsatian-style snails
Warm goat cheese salad
Smoked duck breast salad
Dishes from 14.50 euros to 22 euros
Homemade Fleischnackas, 3 rooms
Seared rib steak, butler butter
Escalopes of veal in cream sauce
Breaded zander fillet
Veal kidneys with cream
Desserts at 7.00 euros
The desserts of the menus
Fresh fruit salad
ice cream in a bowl