Our restaurant menu


STARTERS (Served alone 9.50 euros)
- Goat mousse, bacon, beets and company ...
- Pike perch rillette leaf with cream, vegetable petals
- Fine black pudding and apple tart
- Homemade foie gras terrine, brioche bread, apricot confit (+ 3 euros)

THE DISHES (served alone 19 euros)
- Risotto with pumpkins and butternut sauce
- Parmentier of beef chuck, diced pan-fried foie gras
- Baked duck breast, ""Haribo"" liquorice sauce, semolina nougat
- Scampi swim with cottage cheese and lemongrass (+ 2 euros)

THE DESSERTS(served alone 7 euros)
-Chocolate cream
- Creme brulee with Alsatian whiskey
Sweet chestnut
- Banana / raspberry crumble
- Ice Meringue
- Ice cream / sorbet

State of health emergency from Saturday October 17, 2020

All restaurants in France will apply a reinforced health protocol :

6 clients per table (child included).We have to wait for the decree but normally groups are authorized in several tables of 6. For family or party groups , they are limited to 30 people.

A reminder book (digital or paper) must be set up and will condition access to the establishment. Customers will leave their contact details in the reminder notebook and the restaurateur will make this notebook available to the Regional Health Agency or health insurance in the event of a contact-tracing trigger. In all cases, this data will be destroyed after a period of 14 days.

All the people at the table must identify themselves through contact tracing. Only children can be placed on the account of one of the two parents

Forbidden to wear any facial protection (eg half-visor, etc.). You need an approved mask. The mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin.

LCustomers must ensure that they wear their mask in restaurants until the first course is served, between each course and when traveling.

Payment must be made at the consumers' table in order to avoid their travel within establishments.

No changing rooms.

It is forbidden to consume drinks while standing inside and outside the restaurant.

The total maximum capacity of the restaurant is 70 seats under covid conditions