Our restaurant menu

Our fall menus

Hazelnuts - 17.50
(Any change in this menu
carries a supplement of 5 )

Sweet sauerkraut / smoked duck breast
Beef chuck "Pot au feu style"
Popcorn ice cream

Girolles - 29.50  

"French toast" of fish mousse,
autumn vegetables, seeds and Co.
""Aperol Spritz"" granita
Zander fillet with cornflakes, saffron mayonnaise
Variation around the apple
Grapes - 32

Wild boar rillettes, mirabelle plum with vanilla, Grilled Kougelhoff
Mushroom fleischnakas, chestnut cream, porcini crumble

Gewurztraminer marc sorbet

Duck baeckaoffa, sweet potatoes and orangettes
Deer stew, chocolate sauce
"Cooked minute" veal rack, fir liqueur sauce


Thousand cinnamon leaves, pear in red wine
Hazelnut "Bar"
Vegetarian menu - 27.50 euros

Crispy goat cheese, honey, apples and thyme
Verbena ice cream
Risotto, brunoise of vegetables, ginger cream
Fluffy with quetsches
(With 4 glasses of wine (10cl) - 63 €)

Pan-fried duck foie gras,
pumpkin confit
Dice of salmon "just cooked", creamy semolina,
drizzle of paprika oil
Beef steak, pepper sauce, "Papa's recipe"
Crispy Munster, homemade pickles
Gourmet plate

This menu served for the entire table only
and without any possible modification
Menu of the day 12.50 €
served for lunch only Monday to Friday
Our slate with the classics:
every day except Sunday noon
Entrances at 9.50 euros
Plate of raw ham, raw vegetables
Munster puff pastry in the oven
1/2 dz. Alsatian-style snails
Warm goat cheese salad
Smoked duck breast salad
Dishes from 14.50 euros to 22 euros
Fleischnackas house, 3 rooms
Seared rib steak, butler butter
Escalopes of veal in cream sauce
Breaded zander fillet
Veal kidneys with cream
Desserts at 7.00 euros
The desserts of the menus
Fresh fruit salad
ice cream in a bowl