Our restaurant menu

The card menu

from our chef Christelle



STARTERS (Served alone 13,50 euros)

- ""Fleischnackas"" of leeks, snails in garlic butter and parsley coulis


- Egg cooked at 64°C, pea mousseline, carrot pickles and tarragon sauce


- Gourmet toast : creamy goat's cheese, Black Forest ham and raw vegetables


- Home-made duck foie gras, apple/strawberry/lemon thyme confit, toasted brioche (extra charge 4.50 euros)

DISHES (Served alone 23 euros)

- Lamb strudel with tomato confit and almonds, mashed potatoes

  crushed potatoes with black olives


- Sautéed veal in ""Osso bucco style"", Gremolatta and wheat semolina


- Coal-fish breaded with pretzel powder and lemon zest, carrot mousseline and wild garlic sauce 


- Risotto with green asparagus and morel jus

DESSERTS (Served alone 8 euros)

Order at the beginning of the meal, thank you!

- Lemon meringue pie, ""but my way!""


- Almond, rhubarb and strawberry crumble, strawberry sorbet 


- Crème brulée with elderflower liqueur, pistachio ice cream


- Chocolat soft cake, raspberry heart, rocher chocolate ice cream


- Meringue Glacée, (homemade ice cream, vanilla / raspberry)


 - Ice cream (vanilla, chocolate) or sorbet (peach, morello cherry, apple)




ALSO AVAILABLE, except Sunday noon and public holidays:


The traditional and essential:

- 6 Alsatian snails, homemade garlic butter 12.00 €


- Baked Munster puff pastry, mixed salad 13.00 €




- Large warm goat cheese salad 18.00€


- Casserole of spatzles with bacon, gratinated with munster 16.00 €