Our Restaurant Menu

Our spring menus

Snowdrop - 17,50 €
(Any changes in this menu
incurs an extra charge of 5 €)

Potato salad, and Montbéliard ...
Gratin of spaetzles with bacon
Brioche cake lost with apples

Daffodils - 29, 50 €

Poultry ballottine with wild garlic and ricotta,
remoulade of cauliflower and Granny apples
Yogurt ice cream
Pork cheeks with spring beer sauce,
variation around the carrot
Paris / Brest, Yuzu / vanilla

Crocus - 30,50 €

"House" fish rillettes, cream of peas,
Pink radish with vinegar and Crispy of Matcha tea
Lychee sorbet
Cocotte of zander cheeks, crystallized lemon crumble
Tiramisu strawberry / rhubarb

Tulips - 32 €

Lamb carpaccio,
pomegranate vinegar, olive oil, capers and beans ...
Black currant sorbet
Parmentier of beef chuck, foie gras

Veal steak with Thai sauce and sweet potatoes
Flowing heart praline / chocolate

Vegetarian menu - 27.50 euros

Munster puff pastry
Plate of vegetables
Choice of dessert

(With 4 glasses of wine (10cl) - 63 €)

Seared foie gras, pear confit with vanilla
Baked scampi, spice butter
Fillet of quail, fir honey sauce
Munster white breaded, pickles
Gourmet plate

This menu served for the entire table only
and without any possible modification

Menu of the day 12.50 €
served lunch only from Monday to Friday

Our slate with classics:
every day except Sunday afternoon

Tickets at 9.50 euros
Plate of raw ham, raw vegetables
Baked munster puff pastry
1/2 dz. of snails in Alsatian
Warm goat cheese salad
Smoked duck breast salad

The dishes from 14.50 euros to 22 euros
Fleischnackas house, 3 rooms
Seared entrecôte, buttered butter
Escalopes of veal in cream sauce
Fillet of breaded pike perch
Veal kidneys with cream

Desserts at 7.00 euros
The desserts of the menus
Fresh fruits salad
ice cream in a bowl